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"Buckle up folks, it's Dub coming at you from the heart of Get your daily dose of laughs with me and my partner in fun, Catarina, every weekday morning from 5:30-9 on Moose FM. We pack a punch of humor in everything we do! Join our madness, catch the latest city scoops, and prepare to start your day, the EnergeticCity way. Moose FM – your city, your station!"



Catarina is the Moose Morning Show Host with Dub Craig! When she isn't sass-ing Dub(aroo) on air, she is probably mispronouncing something important.

Hugh McClennan


Hugh McLennan

Hugh McLennan combined his many years of professional broadcasting wirh the experience of working with horses and cattle under western skies into a multi award-winning radio show bringing the cowboy experience to the world with his weekly radio program and Internet broadcast.