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Voices of the Peace Paul van Nostrand – Voices of the Peace

todaySeptember 29, 2021 13

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This show was created as a way to find out more about our town, our community, and the people in it. I drive down the street, and I see the Pomeroy Sport Centre, the Cultural Centre, a lot of local businesses, and I think “How’d that happen? How’d that get built?’ You might play in a sports league, a community club, a park, and wonder “How’d this get here?” 

Our first guest  is someone who everyone just might know. He truly seems to be everywhere, and not only is he everywhere, he is there with a smile, with a handshake, and with a certain amount of wonderful calm. 

And perhaps it’s that calm, and that presence, that’s helped to make Fort St. John the event capital that it is. Over the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years, our City has seen events like the BC and the Northern BC Winter Games, The World Under 17 Hockey Challenge, the Allan Cup, and more. 

And who’s been there each time? Who’s name is at the top of every list and event I’ve ever tried to volunteer for? That would be our first guest Paul van Nostrand. 

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Voices of the Peace

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