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Voices of the Peace Larry Evans – Voices of the Peace

todayJune 10, 2022 15

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Host Ted Sloan joins us for the next episode of Voices of the Peace, funded by Urban Systems and NorthRiver Midstream.

My next guest could write a book with everything they’ve seen and experienced. In fact, if they did write a book, I’d love to read it (and there is maybe a book coming!). You see, when things went wrong in this City, he, and his crew, were there to fix it. When someone was hurt, they rush out to help. When something was on fire, they’d be on their way. On top of all of that, they’ve helped inspire actors, town councils, and more.

And recent times have really highlighted how important our frontline and emergency responders are to the safety and health of our community. I asked him to be on the show today because I wanted to know more about the history of our emergency services so that we can celebrate those who’ve helped to make our city what it is. From the Fort St. John firefighting services, please welcome Larry Evans.

This podcast has been made possible with the generous support of Urban Systems and North RiverMidstream.

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Voices of the Peace

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